How can search engine optimization grow your business?

يتكون تحسين websites, or SEO (search engine optimization), consists of a set of techniques that make your site more friendly and relevant to search engines - such as Google - generating greater visibility for your company on the Internet. يعد إنشاء موقع إلكتروني مُحسَّن والحفاظ على موثوقيته أحد العوامل الرئيسية لتميُّز واستمرار شركتك في السوق.

Interested in learning more about the subject? Then keep reading this post to understand more about SEO and how it can help your business grow!

Search Engine Optimization

First of all, let's understand a little more about what website optimization is. Search engines use a series of parameters to determine which sites are most relevant and should be displayed in the first results when a user performs a particular search for a phrase or keyword.

SEO will work on these parameters so that your site gains more authority on the subjects of importance to your business, and thus appears in the top positions in organic search results. This type of traffic that is made through search engines we call: organic visits, that is, those that take place naturally without any intervention from you, and without paid advertising campaigns.

Parameters worked on in SEO

هناك العديد من المعايير التي تستخدمها محركات البحث لتحديد مدى موثوقية الموقع، إلَّا أن بعضها يلعب الدور الأكبر في التحسين، وهو ما يعني أن جميعها مطلوبة وتحتاج إلى العمل عليها، لكن تأثيرها يتفاوت بحسب تفاوت أدوارها.

The first of these is related to the programming of the site - your site needs to have clean code so that Google and other engines can find it. The second parameter is the content of the site, which must be relevant to users and constantly updated. Finally, the third parameter concerns the quantity and quality of other sites pointing to yours.

Visibility for your company

One of the main benefits of site optimization is to make your business better known and to increase the reach of your company on the Internet.

Imagine that a person who is among your business's target audience has done a search on Google. If your site does not appear in the results, you lose a great chance of doing business. If your site appears in the last positions or at the bottom of the first page, the chances of that person clicking on it are minimal, and consequently the conversion rate of your site decreases.

However, when you have an optimized site, it appears among the first positions in Google and other search engines, generating enormous visibility for your company, products and services. This will attract more visitors to your site and exponentially increase your company's chances of closing deals!

Long-term results

Working on your site's SEO means getting long-term results. When relevance parameters are frequently monitored and implemented on your site, you will achieve top search engine positions. Getting there can be a laborious and time-consuming activity, but once authority is gained and your company knows how to maintain it, the results become lasting and tend to increase over time.

Savings for business

Optimization makes your site more relevant in organic searches, that is, in the results where there is no need to pay to appear. And do you know what this means? That you no longer need to make large investments in media to achieve great visibility on the Internet.

When your site assumes a position of authority in the segment in which your company operates, the visibility is greater, the results will keep coming in the long term, and you won't need to keep investing large amounts in advertising and sales campaigns.

If your company is relevant, your site becomes a great gateway for your target audience to get in touch with your company, get to know your products and services, and thus your site conversions will increase and continue to grow!

If you are still not thinking about working on site optimization in your company, you are wasting time and, more importantly, money! Want to get started and don't know where to start or still have any questions about the subject? Talk to us!

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